An Exclusive Club for IRIS Brands’ Stockists

IRIS BRANDS LLP welcomes you to be a partner optician at the Special IRIS CLUB — an initiative that seeks to empower opticians to in turn offer their customers a superlative brand experience.

Your IRIS Club membership gives you access to

First update and opportunity to preview all new collections

IRIS Club members are guaranteed the FIRST LOOK at every new collection from the house of IRIS before the formal launch. Advance knowledge will help you take a better call on managing your inventory and aligning it to your customers’ needs.

Priority service for any product related issues

Should there be any manufacturing complaint at all, that you might receive from a customer (highly unlikely), we shalll repair or replace the eyewear within 48 hours — no questions asked.  In case that particular model is not available, the replacement could well be from a newer collection in that same price range.

Exclusivity to stock new collection for upto 30 days

Your customers are unique, like you. And offering them the latest, first, is our top priority. As an IRIS Club member, you are guaranteed exclusivity to stock eyewear from the new collection for upto thirty days.

Listing on our official site as IRIS Brands’ stockists

To make it easier for consumers to find you, IRIS Club members would be listed on our official site as IRIS Brands’ stockists, leading customers directly to your store.

Special offers and gifting

Receive the best offers and packages designed specially for IRIS Club members. And to show our gratitude, we shall also give you regular tokens of appreciation — be it gifts, movie tickets or holidays. It’s our way of saying Thank You.

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