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IRIS Brands LLP ia a premium eyewear powerhouse promoted by Ganko Opticians, India’s largest premium distributor in the eyewear segment with over 800 clients pan India. Established in 1941, Ganko is energetic and vibrant, with  a strong presence in both the mid and premium segments of the domestic market and significant export operations too. Over the years it has been at the forefront of the industry, leading innovations in design and functionality, re-inventing systems and driving change in a fast-evolving business scenario.

IRIS cuts the clutter with unique qualities – Relevance, Style, Comfort, 

Customisation, Aspirational, and Availabilty at leading multi-brand outlets.

IRIS offers the discerning customer carefully curated collections of Fashion eyewear that is created by leveraging an in-depth understanding of the local customers’ psyche, fashion tastes, face profiles, skin tones and sensibilities! The Brands include Kosch, Bolon, and Molsion.

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