#StepUp initiative by Iris comes to the aid of opticians in India

#StepUp initiative by Iris comes to the aid of opticians in India

In a bid to help opticians recover from the lockdown related to the Covid19 pandemic, the Iris Brands’ team has come up with the idea of what they call #StepUp initiative.

The #StepUp initiative is a six-month-long communication plan to help opticians connect with their customers. It has monthly programmes planned up to December, 2020 for which the Iris team would create communication material to attract customers to the optician’s store. These include flyer inserts for newspapers, whatsapp messages, and other social media material. Partner opticians are being offered this material customised with their logo etc to share with their customers free of cost.

Mr.Viral Joshi (National Sales Head) has been personally spearheading this initiative and has been reaching out to opticians across India offering help beyond just moral support. He had sent out a heartfelt appeal encouraging opticians to not lose hope even though things seemed bleak at the moment. He offered them a chance to step up to the challenge that time has thrown at not just individual opticians but the entire society.

The initiative has found a great affinity with the opticians across the country and has become a much-discussed topic in the industry. The fact that all the branding material is brand-neutral — the purpose of which is purely to drive footfall to the optical stores, and not as a gimmick to promote brands from the Iris portfolio has not gone unnoticed.

Ms.Dia Kothari, Brand Nurturer at Iris says, “The Covid19 pandemic is unprecedented and as human beings, we need to empathise with the plight of everyone affected by this. This is not the time to set personal goals or take advantage of the other’s needs to push personal agendas. At Iris, we sincerely believe that good times will return soon. And until then, we’re here to unconditionally support our partner opticians revive their practices in every way we can.”

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