Here are a few care tips that should help you enjoy your KOSCH longer:

Love it and show your KOSCH some care. And definitely don’t leave it on your car dashboard on a sunny day, or in the snow for that matter

Sunglasses may look stylish to some when worn like a hairband, but it’s not great for the shape and form of the eyewear. Always place your eyewear in the KOSCH case or pouch when it is not in use

Yes, if your lenses get smudged, you can wash the lens with tepid, running water. But wipe it dry ONLY with the microfibre cloth that is your pouch. Shirt sleeves, kerchiefs, towels, ties, paper tissues and sandpaper are to be avoided at all times when it comes to cleaning your lens

Make time to speak to it occasionally. Believe it or not, sunglasses have feelings too. You’ll know when you see them love you back and get you all the compliments that you both deserve

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