#IrisHeart Tree Plantation Drive

Iris will plant a tree for each KOSCH customer. All you have to do is show you care.

Simply FOLLOW KOSCH on our Instagram and Facebook pages, UPLOAD your photograph wearing a Kosch sunglass or spectacle frame, and TAG us. We’ll do the rest.

Together we can, and will, make this world better!

Love Your Environment? Have an idea to make it better? 

Write to us on and we’d be happy to discuss any support that we can offer to make a difference.

Alternatively, feel free to contact any of the below listed NGO’s that are committed like you and us towards making this world greener.

CERE Urban Afforestation Project
S-11 Ground Floor, Jamasji Apartments,
32, Naushir Bharucha Rd, Grant Road (W), Mumbai, 400007
Tel : +01 22-23811522